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Anime Expo

Hey people,

It's the Monday back to work after the 4th of July weekend (Hope you all had a great one!).

For most people, this Holiday weekend is filled with hotdogs, fireworks and family, (I of course, was no exception to all of this).

However, I was able to make my way to the Los Angeles Convention Center and

partake in some of the festivities of my very first trip to Anime Expo.

There was an excitment in the air with all sorts of special guests, announcements and of course, the COSPLAY!

One of the highlights of my AX trip, was being one of a select number of people to audtion for the show, Aldnoah.Zero.

A big thanks to BangZoom! Studios and Aniplex for making it all possible, and another big shout out to my good friend and fellow voice actor, Tom Bauer, for recording my audtion in front of a very large crowd. Check it out!

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